About Me

My name is Klarens Malluta. I have a bachelor in Electrical Engineering
but that didn’t stop me to follow my passion for Visual Arts.
I may call myself a graphic designer or a visual artist, but what I like to do the most is : e x p e r i m e n t .

I have been doing an artwork/poster/animation or whatever everyday, since summer of 2017 and during the journey I have learned a lot by experimenting.

This gave me the opportunity to work with a lot of international clients like DJ Snake, Ultra Music, The Galantis, Empire Records, Steve Aoki, Jackboy etc.

I am still on a journey and still learning everyday. While learning new things, I really like to share what I know with the community. This is why I created this platform, so I can share the techniques and resources that I use for my personal and client works.